2022 Anambra Worldwide Medical Mission events

The 2023 medical mission was like no other with huge interest generated around the world. below are samples of the pictures depicting the impact to the community at large.

Before you vote tomorrow! -Appeal from ASA-World

anambra voting

Before you vote tomorrow! Anambra State Association World-Wide(ASA-World) appeals to Ndi-Anambra to reject self-aggrandizers, sycophants, and moles disguised in sheep’s clothing against the people and come out and vote their conscience in number tomorrow

05 – 11-21

 A plea from the Anambra State Association World-Wide(ASAWorld) to Ndi-Anambra to reject self-aggrandizers, sycophants, and moles disguised in sheep’s clothing against the people and come out and vote their conscience in number tomorrow as if their lives,  future, and their children’s future depend on it.

Accept the stolen fortunes now being returned to you by way of bags of rice, bottles/cans of coca-cola, and a few thousand nairas to buy your vote tomorrow and emphatically vote your conscience. Remember, your future and your children’s future depend on your vote tomorrow.

Anambra State Association World-wide (ASA-World) is also, using this opportunity to appeal to all Anambra Stakeholders to work in synergy with all credible and well-meaning stakeholders to make sure that on November 6, the election is free, fair, transparent, and out of the hands of sycophants.

A reminder to all Stakeholders also, that as the “gateway” to the Igbo land, mediocrity and /or acceptance of sycophantic moles in Anambra State will indubitably, ricochets to the entire South-East corridor, and the consequence will reverberate for generates yet to be born..

 The “Urgency of NOW” in seeing that tomorrows’ election is free, fair, transparent, and out of the hands of sycophants must be paramount in the minds of all Stakeholders as they head to the polls to vote their conscience, observe and/ or monitor the election. Elections matter! Our children and children’s futures matter!!

One last clarion call goes to all other pertinent Stakeholders; Anambrarians and freedom-loving Nigerian-supporters with a reminder that its high time, we make hay while the sun shines. Anambra is not for sale!. Any intending sellers and buyers of Anambra must be careful what they wish for. It’s easier to demolish an existing structure than it’s to rebuild. We stand to lose all the gains sustained in Anambra and to some extent, in the entire South East corridors by the previous successive governments with a single act of selfish greed and self-aggrandizement and the consequences will be dare!

 Together, we shall prevail!

To join our December 2021 Capacity Building; Free Medical Mission “Diasporas Engagement, with the Stakeholders initiatives as a sponsor and /or member of our partner in service group, contact us at anambraworldwidesecretariat@gmail.com / asaworldsecretary@gmail.com

(ASA-World), unveils its minimum benchmark for the next ExecutiveGovernor of Anambra State of Nigeria

Anambra State World-Wide Association World-Wide, (ASA-World), unveils its minimum benchmark for the next Executive Governor of Anambra State of Nigeria.


 In keeping with our tradition as a “think home brother’s keeper philosophy driven indigenes of Ndi-Anambra State in the Diaspora we are taking the stand that having the person of good character that is genuinely driven by the need to uplift the lives of Ndi-Anambra, our home State should be paramount in our Diaspora engagement with the Stakeholder’s agenda.

Anambra State Association World-Wide  ( ASA-World) is the umbrella organization of Ndi Anambra in the Diaspora World-Wide. We are a  “think home brother’s keeper philosophy driven indigenes of Ndi-Anambra State in the Diaspora registered in the United State as a 501(c) 3  charitable designate organization, with membership and affiliates in  Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Russia, Hong Kong- China, Japan, Ireland, Denmark, Russia, and Anambrarians residing out Anambra but living in Nigeria fondly referred to as Local Diaspora,  Nigeria.

We are a non-politically aligned group.  Nevertheless, as a Stakeholder in the happenings in our home state, we are resolute in vetting and informing the electorates on the need for a person of good right character and the qualification for the highest elected office in our home state.

Our agenda is clear. We believe that education and health are very vital for the Anambrarians as a people; bearing in mind, the current situation in our country and the challenges facing the Igbo nation. We expect the occupant of the Executive Governor of “the light of the nation” to commit and to show leadership in sustainable quality education and healthcare.

We expect the occupant of the highest elected office in our home state to pay attention to the importance of food scarcity among the grassroots and plans to improve agriculture funding within the existing microfinance banks and other financial institutions that offer credits to the agricultural sector. In other words, work to increase the current loan to the maximum amount allowable.

security of lives and properties are paramount to attracting and sustaining business in our home state. As such, we see organizing and maintaining an accountable vigilante police that will adhere to the existing state laws and legislation as important to a stable state.   

Also, Diaspora engagement is an area that many of the Diasporas are very much interested in, and believe that it’s incumbent on them to contribute and to share their knowledge whenever they are called upon. At the moment, ASA-World is engaged in free  Annual Medical Outreach to communities in Anambra State. We need an executive Governor who sees value-added to the Diaspora engagement with the Anambra Stakeholders.


Other areas of interest to the Diaspora Anambrarians are:

Money management: The next Governor must be fiscal responsibility. it’s ok to maintain the balance between being fiscally conservative and socially liberal. In otherwise, must have a basic understanding of the socio-economic relevance of their jobs to the governed.

Free and fair election: The next Executive Governor of Anambra State must be elected through a free and fair election and must have an acute sense of purpose, transparency, and accountability.  in other words, must be legitimately elected based on meritocracy rather than through self-aggrandizement (insinuated by his/her wealth), no godfathers and/or entitlement narrative welcome.

Fairness: Must be ideologically motivated to push for fairness, balance budget, and believe 100% in the rules of the law and respect it, even when it did not favor him/her; meaning expenditures must be equal to revenues. Must govern as the Governor of “Anambra State” not the governor of his hometown or his geographic area.

Understanding of culture: Must understand the balancing act between his roles as a Governor and the responsibilities of our traditional Rulers in meeting the needs of the citizenries

Value-added of the South-South, South-East corridors: Must be conscripted to work in concert with the South-South, South-East Governors and the Federal Government of the day as a strategy in developing the South-South, South-East political corridors.


Environment and Managed growth: Must adopt the principle of managed growth and be mindful that the environment is  paramount to the health and wellness of our people and the future of our human and infrastructural capital and above all;

Rise above the fray definition: Must avoid politics of taunting, insults, and mod sling by political parties, thrown at each other that have no value added to the growth and development of our great state; “the light of the nation”.

By the look at the quality of the declared Aspirants, we appear to be blessed with a pool of quality Aspirants. ASA-World looks excitedly forward in anticipation of working with the legitimately elected Governor by the people of Anambra, through free and fair election on November 6, 2021. Good luck to the Aspirants. May the people’s choice prevail.


 Hon. Chudi Asidianya, BA, MA, LSC, IEO

Secretary-General, ASA-World


Cc: Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze

Chairman/Medical Director ASA World 


Igbo world assembly

The Igbo World Assembly (IWA), is the only bona fide, inter-continental, Igbo Advocacy group of its kind founded on May 19, 2008, and represents a committed attempt to truly perfect a Global Igbo Union. IWA is founded on the twin principles of Njikoka and Igba Izu (cooperation/synergy and collaboration) and we are committed to working with, collaborating with, partnering with all genuine Igbo political, economic and social expression vehicles. By presenting a platform to leverage Igbo Diaspora as a strategic partner on Igbo issues, IWA aims to advance the Igbo agenda as never before done in our post-war history.
Ndiigbo need to stop leaving the substance behind in pursuit of shadows. it’s high time Ndiigbo deployed diversified strategies and applications of sophisticated diplomacy, removed from “Nzogbu Nzogbu” that has not produced meaningful result.

The old mindset and approach of putting all eggs in one basket has not worked and has only portrays Ndiigbo as predictable and often times leads to the demise of our proverbial “Igbo agenda”. Here are some perspectives and principles on the actualization of the proverbial “Igbo agenda”:



— Igbo leaders are supposed to be men and women elected by a group to act and speak on their behalf. Igbo leaders are supposed to derive their authority and power from the people they are leading or representing and exercises such power and authority for the benefit of the people and not for themselves or external powers.
—Igbo leader’s words and actions must at all times reflect the fully discussed and agreed views, opinions, needs, aspirations, fears and interests of the people they represent. Igbo leaders should protect and defend the interests of the people at all times and should be prepared to lay down their lives in defense of Ndiigbo, if need be. We do not need our Igbo governors, Igbo politicians, Igbo leaders and some Ohanaeze leaders to be saboteurs and mercenaries against Ndiigbo and Igbo interest

Kudos! to the donors to ASA-World’s December, 2019 Annual Free Medical Mission

To all our donors and sponsors and Partners in Services groups;

 Thank you for your great generosity! We, greatly appreciate your donations, sponsorship and partnership with us, during our 2019. community development initiative(s).Kudos! To you all. Our Annual Free Medical Mission and Diaspora engagement Mission is an American 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable designate; making our initiatives tax receiptable.

The success of this year’s Free Medical Mission, our Diaspora outreach to the less privileged and our  other pertinent community development to those living at the edges of their communities have been heavily dependent on the kindness of  donors , sponsors, members and our partners in services organisations like those listed below who saw values in our efforts at “paying forward”, the blessings that we were bestowed to them in the past years.Thank you and congratulations to them all.

Anambra Association Worldwide (ASA-World), a world-wide global partners in services group and the umbrella organization of Ndi-Anambra in the Diaspora. We are a 501(3) (c) charitable initiatives. Membership in ASA-World is not by happenstance. We are Ndi-Anambra in the Diaspora from across the globe who are driven by the need to give back to our community. We share a common desires to take care of the less privileged, the disadvantaged, and those living at the margin. . 

The theme of this year’s Free Medical and Diaspora-Stakeholders Engagement Mission is; “Capacity Building; investing in health and wellness to build stronger and wealthier Anambra State”.

DURATION/LOGISTICS: Our  2019 Free Mission is scheduled to commence from December 16th until December 23, 2019 with  December 23 designated for  our AGM and Diaspora Engagement Summit on December 18, 2019 with AGM and Diaspora Engagement Summit scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm.@ De-Geo Gold Hotel and Suite, in Awka, Anambra State of Nigeria.

Our gratitudes to the donors ,Sponsors & Partner in serives organizations?  Our ability to purchase medication, surgical supplies, remunerate support staff and volunteers that are needed to carry out an effective mission and to outreach wider audience in a timely manner depends heavily on the generosities of kindhearted of our members, well wishers and sponsors who saw values in our community development initiatives. 

On behalf of the Anambra World-Wide Association (ASA -World) partners in services group, thank you, for your supports. Your supports help us to further our Mission; outreach to the less privileged and those living at the edges o their communities. :





2. Ozubulu

December 16th, 2019 Christmas bonanza for widowed and motherless charity 1. ASA-Europe

2. ASA Denmark

Abagana December 17th, 2019  Free Medical outreach Dr. and Dr/Mrs Anakwenze
Degeogold Awka December 18th, 2019  A.G.M/Summit/Diaspora engagement Anambra Diaspora (ASA-World)
Igboukwu December 19th, 2019  Free Medical outreach Chief Tim Okafor/Family and friends
Ezinifite December 20th, 2019  Free Medical outreach Chief Kingsley Chibuike
Abatete December 21th, 2019             Free Medical outreach Chief & Mrs. Ogbatua, Owelle  Abatete/Ikemba Abagana


ASA-World’s 2019 International delegate to the Medical Mission & Diaspora Enagement : 


United Kingdom – 


South Africa








USA – Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, ASA-World’s Medical Director, at 1-(310) 993-8053 (nanakwenze@yahoo.com)

USA – Dr.Vicky Anakwenze,  

France – Dr. Stanley Iloanusi +33627690325/+447541781658 (stanilings@yahoo.fr)

 Nigeria Volunteer doctors:- Dr. Agbasi and his crew of Nigerian doctors

Mrs Odimegwu, (Head Nurse) coordinator and her crew of nurses 

Dr. Emmanuel Ezejiegu, (Head Optometrists-Eye DR.) coordinator, and his crew of Nigerian  Optometrists-Eye DR     

Nwaneki Benedict N,Head Pharmacists  and his crew of Nigerian  Pharmacists/Pharm-Tech

Ezinifite (Aguata) Volunteer doctors: Thank you in anticipation to. 

Dr. Umeibe

Dr Mrs Chinelo Umeojiaka – 08038167061

Dr. Cletus Okafor ( available for entire exercise) – 08038829096

Mrs. Isioma Umeh – 08145628774


 *USA;* Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze (Mission/ASA-World Chair) @ (310) 993-8053 or e-mail nanakwenze@ yahoo.com,

*UNITED KINGDOM* Christian Onuorah, +447883699125; 07849888262 (WhatsApp only)/enyianam@yahoo.co.uk). /Patrick Mbanefo – +447438475033, Mbanefo-@execs.com,

*CANADA*, Mrs. Oby Nriagu – 905-906-3480, Dr. Anicetus Nwizundu, +1 647-786-0341, Email; nwizundu@yahoo.com /Hon. Chudi Asidianya, 1 (905) 447-3726

*DENMARK* (ASA-Denmark – Daniel Anudu President @ +4571682825 and /or   Email; anududaniel@yahoo.com; Ndubuisi Umeojiaka – +4571332145; ndubuisie1974@yahoo.com,

*JAPAN (AUANJ):* Nnajiofor Austin/ Anthony Ikeotuonye/Dara Ilechukwu, Chairman +818053745523 –

*SPAIN*: Franklin Okafor – +34632477062, godswill65@yahoo.com;

*IRELAND*: Chris Ofodile dumuche@yahoo.com, +34632989416

*TURKEY*: Hon Obiora Wisdom Anusi – +095357387179; winobis@yahoo.com

*SWEDEN:* Chigozie Ikejiofor – +46708308428; ikejiofor2008@yahoo.com,

*SOUTH AFRICA*: Benjamin Uchenna Onwurolu, President (Eze nagu ora) @ +2778388133 / Johnson Umeh +127712077936


Join us, on December 16 through December 23, 2019 Annual Capacity Building initiatives,”Diasporas Engagement with the Stakeholders”; investing in health and wellness, to build stronger community..     


Hon. Chudi Asidianya, BA, MA, LSC, IEO   

Secretary General, ASA –World


CC; Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze MD

Chairman/Medical Director

Anambra World-wide (ASA –World)/

In solidarity with ASA-World’s member countries network: from Canada, United Kingdom, Anambra Leaders in the USA, Germany, China, Russia, Japan, China, ASA South Africa, India, Dubai, Ireland, Iceland, Pakistan, Valencia, Spain, Ireland, Finland,…..


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